Why is “Daniel Ooi Fine Art Gallery” but not “Daniel Ooi Photography Studio”?

Recently received many different inquiry that asking what service we’re provided, so we decide to post here to let you know we actually is a photography studio that provide different photography service example:
Pre-wedding / Engagement / Wedding Day / Actual day / Maternity / Pregnancy / Newborn / Baby / Family Portrait & etc.

Why our name is “Daniel Ooi Fine Art Gallery” but not “Daniel Ooi Photography Studio“? because we don’t hope client come here not just having photo shooting but also can have a artworks that belong to them, we believe a significance, unique and memorable artworks will be in their family for hundreds of years, handed down from generation to generation. They will become a record in your family history and a treasure that will make you smile each time you look at the images.

So we’re a photography studio but not just provide photo shooting but is create artworks, please when you’re looking for photography service with significance, unique and memorable, certainly we’re your first choice. Thanks
婚礼前/订婚/结婚日//孕妇/新生儿/婴儿/家庭肖像等。为什么我们的名字是“Daniel Ooi Fine Art Gallery”,而不是“Daniel Ooi Photography Studio”吗?因为我们不希望客户来这里不只是照片拍摄,而且还可以有一个属于他们的作品,我们深信拥有着意义独特难忘的艺术作品将作为他们的家庭的真藏,流传一代又一代。


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