Paggie Maternity Portrait


This set photos is Paggie maternity portrait we taken at their house area, we not 1st time meet paggie and Terence, we cover their wedding day photography almost 3-4 year ago, we’re so happy and excited when Paggie contact us for cover her maternity portrait and their family portrait too. After the photo shooting session we saw them still put their wedding day album the one cover by us on their living room, very happy to know our clients still love those photos so much whatever already 3-4 years. By the way we are very enjoy the day spend with you and your family, hope we can taking your 3rd pregnancy portrait haha!! 😀

_DF52951_D650273_DF52997 _D650460_DF52952_D650310



Daniel Ooi Fine Art Gallery

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#MaternityPortrait #PregnancyPortrait #FamilyPortrait


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