Portrait Pre-wedding

Jeearal Gunasegaran & Amelia Samuel, Pre Wedding / Engagement Portrait

Here is a set photos of Jeearal & Amelia engagement portrait taken at Johor bahru, very fun shooting we had with this sweet couple, Jeearal is from Johor and Amelia is From Canada, when the shooting session you can feel a lots of LOVE from them, good choice that them choose JB for their engagement portrait location. This set photos we more focus on capture the love mode. Hope you all enjoy! Cheers.


_D659812_D659981 _D659779_D659975 _D659772_D659893 _D659875_D650058_D650004


p/s: below this photo we love so much, we have great light mode in great place and those bird came in right timing.




See how them feel our service:

Amelia Samuel  Hey Daniel, thank you once again for lending us your services. It was an awesome experience and I loved everything you did. Your wife was so great with helping me with the dresses, make up artist did an amazing job and your daughter is the cutest!

Very professional, friendly, and all in all a great photographer who will deliver what you want.
Thanks again!

By Daniel Ooi Fine Art Gallery

The images we capture will be in your family for hundreds of years, handed down from generation to generation. They will become a record in your family history and a treasure that will make you smile each time you look at the images.

Daniel Ooi Fine Art Gallery

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