Our Daniel Ooi’s Name Appeared on Singapore’s “Today Online Newspaper”

14947562_1576358459056721_7096692142980789796_nOur Daniel Ooi’s name appeared on Singapore’s “Today Online Newspaper” about “#EchoesOfTime” has scored an #InternationalEmmy nod with a Best Performance By An Actor nomination for its leading man, Taiwanese actor James Wen. Most of the Echoes of Time’s photos taken by Daniel

Congratulation to Ochre Pictures and James Wen

我的名字出现在新加坡的”今日在线报纸”关于”#星月传奇“得到了一个国际艾美奖与最佳表演提名的主角,台湾演员 #温升豪 。 大多数“星月传奇”的照片由Daniel拍摄.

恭喜 #OchrePictures 和温升豪


By Daniel Ooi Fine Art Gallery

The images we capture will be in your family for hundreds of years, handed down from generation to generation. They will become a record in your family history and a treasure that will make you smile each time you look at the images.

Daniel Ooi Fine Art Gallery

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