Global Kitchen knives, Product Photography


Here is a set commercial works of Global kitchen knives, Global Kitchen knives are well known now in the world as one of the best kitchen knives.   It has needed however two decades to achieve the present fame of GLOBAL kitchen knives in home-use as well as in culinary-use.

  GLOBAL kitchen knives were born in 1985 in Japan and debuted in European markets by being first displayed in Ambiente (Messe Frankfurt) in 1988. It started with only 12 items for the first year. No one-piece stainless steel kitchen knives existed in the world market at the time. So, we are convinced that we were the pioneer in introducing a new concept of kitchen knives out of one-piece stainless steel in the world.

  If you interest to buy their kitchen knives, you can visit here:

GLOBAL Kitchen knives
GLOBAL Kitchen knives
Global Kitchen Shears
Global Kitchen Shears
Kitchen knives Photography
Kitchen knives Photography
GLOBAL Kitchen knives
GLOBAL Kitchen knives


Daniel Ooi Fine Art Gallery

the most unique photography studio in town

10-A Jalan Utama 44, Taman Mutiara Rini, 81300 Skudai Johor Malaysia

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