Jie Long’s Graduation Portrait with Family Photos

Hello Family & Friends,


We been more than a month didn’t upload any post cause previous few months we super busy with a lot shooting and also coming few months also same so coming this few months we’ll seldom upload post, please forgive us! But don’t worry we’ll try our best try upload more artworks as possible. Today we have some free time for upload the post so here you go! This post is about Jie Long’s Graduation portrait, Jie Long whole family is very close friends with Peter Thng’s family, last year we help Peter do their family portrait too, if you interest see Peter’s family portrait can click here , also need to thanks Peter for recommend Jie Long come for our service and bring them over to the shooting session. Peter’s family also had be guest for Jie Long’s family portrait, you can see below.  Last but not least to Thanks Jie Long for choosing us for their photography need, looking forward to see you again. Thank you.


Jie Long’s Convocation Family Photography

Jie Long’s Convocation Photo

Jie Long’s Convocation Family Photo

Jie Long’s Parent Portrait

Jie Long’s Graduation Family Photo


Daniel Ooi Fine Art Gallery

the most unique photography studio in town





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