Our Blog Top Post (2012-1018), Wedding, Portrait and Commercial Photo Studio

7 years ago in 2012 we starting this blog under wordpress, before that Daniel Using blogspot. since we start this blog we never really check our post have how many view. then this year seen we already use it 7 years so we try to look on it and we feel that you may interesting on it too so we plan to post out and share with you all which post is our most view at all time, we separate 3 different categories: wedding, portrait and commercial, here you go:


The top post of wedding(also is you of all categories):

via Onn & Chloe Pre Wedding, Johor Bahru Malaysia

posted on 25th September 2013


The top post of Portrait:

via UTM Graduation Portrait 2013

Posted on 24th November 2013


Then the last but not least, the top post of Commercial:

Traditional Mooncake

via SDS Bakery & Cafe’s Mooncake Commercial Food Photography

Posted on 29th July 2016


Start from 2019 we hope can ca do this kind of top post every year, hope you all enjoy. Cheers.


Daniel Ooi Fine Art Gallery

the most unique photography studio in town



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