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Five Reasons Why You Should Have Family Photos Taken Every Year

Between our busy schedules and endless to-do lists, it is easy to forget to have family portraits taken. Since we can come up with millions of excuses not to make the time to have photos taken, we may start to forget why it is important to begin with. It feels like the years are going by faster and faster and before you know it, the kids are all grown up. Every moment that you have together as a family is priceless so don’t forget to capture these memories with a photo.

Here are five reasons why taking the time for family portraits is so important:


1. Create Memories

Grandparent & Grandchildren, Family Photos

Past experiences form us into who we are today. So often photos hearten us both emotionally and spiritually while restoring family bonds. Families grow and change for reasons such as marriage, birth, loved ones passing away, and others moving far away. Yearly photos capture these changes, creating a timeline of milestone events.


2. You’re Not Just Taking Them for Yourself, But for Future Generations

Ong’s Family Portrait

During the holidays, the old photo albums come out and memories flood the room as relatives recount stories from their younger years. While at the time, you might not care about photos of you, your grandchildren and great grandchildren will be overjoyed that they have pictures of you to remember you by.


3. Document Growth

Haraguchi’s Family Portrait

Kids seems to be growing up faster than ever. Family portraits are a great way to document their growth progress, watching them change from year to year. Also, looking back on past trends and styles will be sure to provide a laugh in the years to come.


4. You Never Know When the Last Chance for a Family Photo Will Be

Big Family Portrait Photography

Life is short and unpredictable. Unfortunate things happen without warning and loved ones may pass unexpectedly. Take advantage of the time you have together now so that you won’t regret putting it off later.


5. High Quality Photos to Last a Lifetime

Contemporary Family Portraits

In today’s world with Phone camera and social media, we don’t think about having photos taken professionally. While we may think that slapping on a cool filter makes our selfies just as good as the professionals, we may need to swallow our pride. Professional photographers have years of training, which means that they know more about posing, lighting, and capture the moment than a online article. Hiring a professional is an investment due to the high quality they are able to offer.

Hari Raya Puasa Family Photo

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