The Most Unique Photography Studio In Town.

The images we capture will be in your family for hundreds of years, handed down from generation to generation.
They will become a record in your family history and a treasure that will make you smile each time you look at the images.

We are professional wedding & portrait photography studio located in Johor Bahru.

We provide Wedding Day, Pre-wedding, Newborn, Baby, Maternity, Graduation Portrait & Family Portrait.

p/s: besides of wedding & portrait, we also specialize in commercial food photography


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      1. Hi, what are your rates for a family portrait photoshoot for 5 persons? Also, is the date of 25 Aug possible?


  1. Hi I would like to do portrait for commercial, to be used on website and social media, how much is the package? Also, do you include make-up and hairdo?


      1. Hi I would like to do a family photo shoot. There are 4 of us. 2 adults n 2 kids. May I know your available packages and would like to know how many sets of clothing and if it includes make up. Thank you. My email is elspethling@yahoo.com


  2. Hi. May I know how much is your family portrait? We need two bachelors and one doctoral gowns. Would you have them or do we need to rent? Thanks – Alvin


  3. I will like to know where is your shop located. I am interested in taking a graduation picture possible tomorrow in the morning. What time are you open?


  4. Hi daniel. I’m interested with the graduation photoshoot and would like to know more about the packages and prices. Thank you.


  5. Hi Daniel! I’m interested in getting a graduation photoshoot around November. Would like to know more about the packages and prices. Thank you.


  6. Hi! I’m interested in the graduation photoshoot. Would like to know more about the packages and prices. Thank you.


  7. Hi,

    We wanted to have a family portraits for 3 families and a group portraits. Total we have 13 pax including 4 kids. Can you let me know what sort of package and price you provide?



  8. Question for baby costume for photography


    I would like to ask about the baby and kids costume for photography. Is it free or rental?

    Appreciate if you could answer me soon.

    Thank You.



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  9. Please quota family potrait shoot package. 2 adults and 3 little kids.

    No hard copy printing needed.
    High res original require. Around 30-40 pictures.

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  10. Hi Daniel, I would to find out how much do u charge for graduation photo. My wife n myself have graduated long long time ago but unfortunately we do not have 1 photo taken together.

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  11. Dear In-charge, please send me your price package for family protraints, studion and outdoor. Individual portraits for coming 1 year old baby. Thanks.


  12. hello, we are a group of friends who would like to take pics to commemorate our reconnections after a long while. there are about 8 of us. we like 2 themes , one casual and another with dresses. could you offer us a quotethats including make up , hairdo thanks.


  13. Hi i would like to check how much do you charge for wedding actual day photography?
    From morning till dinner. Do you do video? like for morning gatecrash and tea ceremony to play the video during dinner? I’m located in singapore. do you come over?


  14. Hello. Please quote me for outdoor photography at Puteri Harbour Marina for a sunset cruising for 2 hours.
    Thank you.


  15. Hi. Please send me your price packages for family as well as individual portraits, studio and outdoor. Thanks much!


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