Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Christmas is about spending time with family and friends. It’s about creating happy memories that will last a lifetime. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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Clothing Advice for Family Portrait

Dress accordingly. Photos aren’t something we normally have done once a month on a professional level, so make sure you’re adequately prepared for this special event. Buy a new outfit, do some extra styling with your childs hair, or incorporate fun props like hats or scarves.

If possible go shopping for a new outfit for the shoot! Wearing a new outfit first of all makes everyone feel good. And if you feel good, you will look good! It also has not been through the washing machine a million times and will look new and crisp.

Timeless, comfortable and attractive clothing choices

Classic Studio Family Portrait

For a photo that stands the test of time, opt for clothes that are classic rather than super trendy. Try to avoid trendy patterns and styles that might be outdated in a year.

When picking out your clothes for the session, err on the side of comfort. You want to be confident in your clothing styles, but choose something flattering and timeless that will make you want to keep that family portrait up for years to come.

What do your dream family photos look like? If they are soft and elegant? Choose neutral colours with soft, flowing fabrics…. think creams, very soft pastels, oatmeal, light browns, tans, greys, and slate blues. Want to showcase the fun and spunky side of your family?

Contemporary Family Portraits

Coordinate rather than match

Coordinate your wardrobe, but not too much. There is a fine line between coordinating and too matchy matchy. Selecting complimentary patterns, or colours (think pastels or varying shades of the same colour) are a great way to go. You do not have to match. In fact, it looks better when you don’t.

Layering clothing is a great idea. It adds interest and makes the photo more visually interesting. So think about adding a sweater to a plain top, an interesting piece of jewellery, a scarf, a hat, a funky belt, or some interesting shoes! All great ideas!

Bring a change of clothes if you want more than one look, or in case you get muddy, have a potty accident, etc.

I encourage you to lay out all of the family’s chosen outfits on the floor beforehand to ensure they all go together


Avoid wearing are any clothing with large logos, motifs, characters, or graphics. These graphics, particularly logos and well known characters can really detract from the focal point – your lovely faces.

I think that people should avoid any overly branded clothing and outfits that are too casual. I want to see people looking comfortable in their portraits, but I also want to see them looking like the best versions of themselves. Tracksuits are hardly ever a good idea as wardrobe for a professional portrait.

Random collection of colours does not usual work. Choose coordinating colours (but not matchy, matchy). To coordinate clothing look below in the colour advice section.

Avoid clashing patterns but don’t be afraid to be bold.

Avoid too many patterns amongst family members

Be careful with floral patterns as they can be difficult to match with other members of the family. They are usual ok if no other member of the family is wearing a clothing with a pattern on it.

Three Generations Family Photos

One thing to keep in mind with the kids is to make sure they are comfortable!!! If they are uncomfortable, they don’t hide it as well as we do when our feet are killing us from the heels we have on! Kids show their emotions on their face and the last thing we want is frowny faces!


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