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Why You Need a Professional Corporate Portrait

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To who have avoided posting a profile photo on Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and etc) or website and blog or even your business cards.

Sorry my friends, but you should ALWAYS include a professional photo of yourself on Social Media, website, blog and business cards.

Keep it clean and simple after all, you’re selling yourself, and what price do you put on that?

A great profile picture needs to look like you, preferably the professional version of you, and on a really good day!

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我的朋友,你想把自己标价在什么价位上?一张专业的头像会让你提高专业形象和你的价位, 如果你还没有拥有属于自己的个人专业头像在社交媒体(Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn等)或网站和博客甚至是你的名片,马上联系我们,预定于+60167026736或电子邮件 。



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