Wedding Day

Beach Wedding of Christin & Steven at Berjaya Tioman Island Resort

Christin and Steven had a small romantic wedding on the beach in Tioman Island. They came all the way from Germany to have their dream beach wedding. They enjoyed great weather and the great company of their loved ones.

Venue: Berjaya Tioman Resort

Wedding Planner: Ilse Delleman

Wedding Ring

A kiss

Cake Cutting Ceremony
Wedding Cake
Tear of happiness

Here is some shot of Christin & Steven, you will found out why only can see their face but no other guests, actually them have guests but those guest don’t hope their face on internet so we respect them, like a lot our friends asked why seldom see our other wedding post cause we respect our clients and their guests so if them don’t hope to appect on internet then we won’t upload their photo, and not only wedding clients all our clients we’ll ask before upload, now you know why our blog seldom update.

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Wedding Day

Joanne & Stephen Wedding in Pontian Johor, Wedding Day Photography

First we would like to thank you Joanne and Stephen appoint us as their big day photographers, very honer can be a part of their wedding, both of them is come from Australia but Joanne’s parent is from Malaysia so them decide having a traditional Chinese wedding at Pontian, their wedding ceremony is not huge but simple, meaningful and memorable. Hope you enjoy our artworks, cheers…


Traditional Chinese Wedding
Bride Preparing
Traditional Chinese Wedding Shoe
Groom Preparation
Groom Preparing
Traditional Chinese Wedding Parents Attach Veil to Bride
Candid Shot
Groom Portrait
Traditional Chinese Wedding Gate Crash
Groom Unveil
Candid Shot
Wedding Candid Shots
Retro Post Wedding Shots
Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony
Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony
Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony
Joanne & Stephen Wedding in Pontian Johor, Wedding Day Photography
Candid Shot when Tea Ceremony
Wedding Candid Shot
Wedding Banquet Decoration
Wedding Banquet Marching
Chinese wedding banquet toast(Yum Seng)
Post Wedding Shots
Post wedding Shot


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