Keira Costelloe’s Lifestyle Portrait Photos

Here is a set photo was taken 3 months ago, a young teenager girl that will blow your mind~ Keira Costelloe, at the fresh age of 14, singer-songwriter Keira was one of the lucky few born with the natural gift of song and voice. Her distinctive tone blends incredibly well with synth-driven, modern pop records – a sound that would make artists/producers in the likes of The Chainsmokers and Zedd proud. Most teenagers are just starting to discover who they are or what they want to be in the years to come. Not for Keira. She has had her eyes set on California dreams from as far back as she can remember. She resides in the beautiful country of Malaysia with her Malaysian Mom and British Dad. If you wanna find out more about Keira, you can visit her website at

And here’s a new song by Keira: Never Going Back

Hope you all enjoy this set outdoor lifestyle portrait photos. Thank you, Costelloe family for choosing us for your photography need, looking forward to seeing you guys again. Thank you.

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Professional Portrait Photo for Amber Pharmacy Pharmacist Team

Thanks for choosing us for your photography need, looking forward to seeing you again. Thank you.

 Amber Compounding Pharmacy is a busy compounding and retail pharmacy with branches in Singapore and Malaysia. Their team of specialised pharmacists create customised medications for doctors, vets, naturopaths and other customers. For more about them you can visit:

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Happy New Year 2019

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As the year winds down, we want to take the opportunity to thank you our vendors for fully support us at past year to delivery our products great and amazing to our clients.

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