Chinese New Year Food Commercial Photography, LIM ZI YEN

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  Chinese New Year is in the corner! Here again the Chinese New Year food photos we taken and the product is by Lim Zi Yen, Lim Zi Yen has been involved in barbecued meat industry (Bakkwa) for more than 40 years. Over the years, Lim Zi Yen has become one of the best in this industry. Currently we have more than 22 products and our best selling products are Famous Chunk Meat, Sliced Red Groove Fish, Ice Sugar Meat Floss, Honey Crispy Floss and etc.

To us, traditional business can always be managed with modern marketing and management methods. At Lim Zi Yen, this concept is proven and we have successfully expanded our business to other countries in South East Asia while maintaining the traditional flavor and quality of Lim Zi Yen Bakkwa.

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This is not our first time work with Lim Zi Yen, if you interest to view the previous post of their products, here the link:
LIM ZI YEN Chinese New Year Biscuits
LIM ZI YEN Pork Hoss


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Sugar & Flour Lunar New Year Biscuits, Commercial Food Photography

Here is a set food commercial works of Sugar & Flour is their latest Lunar New Year Biscuits, it total have 6 different tastes, but here we only share few pictures on here. If you looking to non-tradition lunar new year biscuits, then you need to try out Sugar & Flour CNY biscuits, you and your family will love it so much. How & where to buy this biscuits? Check here


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