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I Am Memory Crafter


I am not just a photography, but a Crafter of your beautiful memories.

Daniel Ooi ~ Memory Crafter


CNY Hampers from Nikon Malaysia

Nikon Hamper


We write this post is for thank you Nikon Malaysia & Nikon Club Malaysia for the Chinese New Year Hampers, we already forgot how many times we received the hampers from Nikon Malaysia, if not mistake we received it since year 2011. Many of our friends ask why we had hampers from Nikon, actually is because Daniel is one of the Nikon Club Malaysia Johor state liaison, Daniel been appointed as NCM state liaison since 2010, think back already 6 years ago, time flies! Anyway thanks again to NMY & NCM, no only about the hampers but is also thank you to them let Daniel can be a part of them, very appreciation. Thank you.