Hsing Yang & Megdeline Wedding Day, Thistle Hotel Johor Bahru

Hsing Yang & Magdalene were recently married in Johor Bahru and we was delighted they chose us to come along and photograph the day for them. The day began at Thistle Hotel, one of the great hotel in Johor, after some simple gate crashing then we depart to Hsing Yang's Ancestral home to have some... Continue Reading →

Adrian & Jasmine Traditional Chinese Wedding Photography, Renaissance Hotel Johor Bahru

Hello there! We’ve always found it difficult to put up such post as most times, we wish we could put up alot more pictures. we sure most wedding photographers does not enjoy culling pictures too. So at the risk of compromising your viewing pleasure, we decided to just go ahead and put up slightly more... Continue Reading →

I AM Memory Crafter, Wedding Photography & Videography Forum & Showcase by Nikon Professional Service

Is very honored that invited by NPS to sharing on the latest NPS event "I AM Memory Crafter" Wedding Photography & Videography Forum & Showcase, very happy can meet so many new and old friends from Johor, singapore, kl and ipoh, hope you all learned something, looking forward to next event. Thanks to Nikon and... Continue Reading →

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