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Yong De & Culie Wedding Same Day Edit

Yong De & Culie Wedding 08-09-2013

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Portrait Wedding Day

Great if have Flower Girl in your Wedding



This artwork was surprise, when we try to some post wedding short than the flower girl wish to have some photo with the couple and her mother asking us can do some shots with couple, so we do try to arrange them take some shots, after 1 shots the very cute flower girl start playing the gown and cover herself , look like she also want to become bride too, so fun having photo session with children when doing wedding shots. We love framing children, because them always bright up our life!


Bee Bee & Peysirh Pre Wedding Photography

Hello, here is whole set of lovely couple Bee Bee & Peysirh pre-wedding shots that we taken at Desaru, Johor, we’re very fun & enjoy to work with them and looking forward to photograph their actual wedding on 19 Oct 2013, thank you.


24x12-030 24x12-029 24x12-028 24x12-027 24x12-026 24x12-021 24x12-022 24x12-023 24x12-024 24x12-025 24x12-020 24x12-019 24x12-018 24x12-017 24x12-016 24x12-011 24x12-012 24x12-013 24x12-014 24x12-015 24x12-010 24x12-009 24x12-008 24x12-007 24x12-006 24x12-001 24x12-002 24x12-003 24x12-004 24x12-005



p/s: if you have any location(oversea or Malaysia) wish to have pre-wedding shots at there, you can also invite us arrange for you, we will have a lot of beautiful & memorable artworks with your own love story create by our photography skill. We are happy to hear from your own story.