Alex & Demi Pre Wedding, Station One Cafe Johor


Here is Alex & Demi pre wedding shots, we have a part of their pre wedding shots is taken at Station One Cafe, why we go here for taking their pre wedding shots? A lot people ask us, actually Station One Cafe is the place Alex first meet Demi, so we decide take some shots at the place their first meet. Actually this is not our first time having pre wedding photo shooting at Station One Cafe, the true is we always having pre wedding photo shooting at cafe or restaurant even is cinema, we been to Mcdonalds, Starbuck, Old town & etc before, we like bring our couple to some places have their story, meaning, first date place or first meet place like Alex & Demi, so if you interest having some unique pre wedding photo, can come find us, we would like to hear your love story and put it in your wedding photo.


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