Hsing Yang & Megdeline Wedding Day, Thistle Hotel Johor Bahru

Hsing Yang & Magdalene were recently married in Johor Bahru and we was delighted they chose us to come along and photograph the day for them. The day began at Thistle Hotel, one of the great hotel in Johor, after some simple gate crashing then we depart to Hsing Yang's Ancestral home to have some... Continue Reading →

Too Kian & Pey Ven Engagement Portrait, Kota Tinggi Rainforest Resort

We know Too Kian & Pey Ven from Pey Ven's sister Pey Sirh, last year we shoot Bee Bboi & Pei Sirh pre-wedding & wedding photograph and this year we shoot Too Kian & Pey Ven pre-wedding & wedding day photograph too. We very happy that both of sister choose us as their big day... Continue Reading →

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