Bernard Gan & Evone Ong, Pre Wedding

Hi, Here is a set Pre wedding shots of Bernard & Evone, We know Bernard from a internet photography forum 6years ago, because of Nikon so we get know each other and come out become friend, very happy and excited when bernard ask me to take their pre-wedding photos in 3 years ago, but we postpone until this year of June to taken their pre wedding shots, Very enjoy and fun when work with them. Hope you all enjoy this set photos

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Wedding Day

Mike & Chin Wedding, Pulai Spring Resort

There is no place like home. So Mike & Chin decided having their wedding at their hometown, Johor. Actually Mike & Chin is from Malaysia but both of them has since settled down in New Zealand, is was very honor that Mike & Chin choose us as their big day photographer, their wedding look simple but very nice and meaningful, we’re very enjoy their wedding. The unforgettable part of their wedding is the wedding gown is made by Chin’s Mom, the gown perfect match for Chin and the important is meaningful & the blessing for her mom.


_DOP5937_DOP5992_DOP6350 _DDF4238_DOP5941_DDF4255_DDF4752_DOP6016